Try Kaboodle marketing collaboration software free!
Try Kaboodle marketing collaboration software free!

Focus on the things you love to do. Plan Strategize and create.

The experience of the whole team. Plan, track, share, collaborate, review and approve all in one workspace.

Flexibility to organise marketing work. Kaboodle Campaign Hierarchy creates content, context, clarity and flow.

Zoom in, Zoom out. See all your campaigns, see what's on time or out of time. Get the big picture or drill into the detail.

Freedom to work the way you want to. Flexible, fun and purposeful collaboration.

Kaboodle - software for managing your marketing campaigns.
Plan and track, share and collaborate, review and approve your marketing campaigns – all in one secure workspace!

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across campaigns

See the bigger picture or go right to the details.


Social style messaging combined with email and the ability to set tasks and automate actions.

Reach more of
your peers

Easy to use, work with colleagues, agencies and other suppliers.

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With purpose and ease working intuitively with social style messaging, leverage email to prompt action and activate approval requests from within Kaboodle.


Ideas, insights and experience. Build knowledge around campaign creation for the whole team to share and learn.

Campaign Hierarchy

The flexibility within Kaboodle comes from the way information is organized. It supports the way campaigns are structured across multiple channels.

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Purposeful collaboration

Make every interaction meaningful and goal driven without creating silos of information or insight.

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